Harney is a feature length documentary film about cattlewomen who journey through the traditionally male oriented Western life of ranching. From birth, cattlewoman, Katie Baltzor, of Harney County, Oregon, learned from her father that she could do everything that a man could do and still look like lady. This film will inspire generations of women to rise above the diminished roles which society presents for them via princess movies and television sitcoms.
©Michele AnneLouise Cohen
You may have heard the saying, “Behind every successful rancher is a wife who works in town.” Poppycock! Cattlewomen work and ride right next to him, and many run outfits by themselves. Cattlewoman, Laura Sword says, “we raise children who know how to work from a young age against all odds, against three feet of snow trying to keep baby calves alive. They learn how to work and learn the difference between life and death that a lot of kids don’t understand. Our kids know that dead is dead and it’s not a video game.” A story about the lifestyle of cattle women, their achievements and challenges they face being a leader, a mother, a wife and caretaker of animals who eventually make their way to millions of dinner tables.
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